Vallejo Acrylics – Model Air

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One of the most used paints in our studio, Vallejo Model Air has a terrific lineup of colors for a more realistic / gritty feel to your work. Based around the Model Color line, but premixed for easier flow through airbrushes, these paints work great for both brushing straight from the bottle and spraying with less thinning required. We’re never afraid to use them for every technique we play with. 

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Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 1 x 1 in

3B Russian Green, 6K Russian Brown, 7K Russian Tan, A-24M Camo Green, A-28M Greyish Blue, Aged White, Agressor Grey, All SV. Gol Light Blue, Aluminum Metallic, AMT-1 Light Greyish Brown, AMT-11 Blue Grey, AMT-12 Dark Grey, AMT-4 Camo Green, AMT-7 Greyish Blue, Anthracite Grey, Arctic Blue Metallic, Armour Brown, Beige, Black, Black Green, Black Green RLM70, Black Grey RLM66, Black Metallic, Blue, Blue Grey, Bright Brass Metallic, Bronze Green, Brown Green, Brown Grey, Brown RLM26, Brown Violet RLM81, BS Dark Earth, BS Dark Green, BS Medium Sea Grey, Burnt Umber, Camo Brown, Camo Dark Green, Camo Grey, Camo Grey Green, Camo Medium Brown, Camo Pale Brown, Camouflage Grey, Cement Grey, Chrome Metallic, Concrete, Copper Metallic, D.E. Green, Dark Blue RLM24, Dark Brown RLM61, Dark Earth, Dark Ghost Grey, Dark Green, Dark Green RLM, Dark Green RLM71, Dark Grey, Dark Grey Blue, Dark Grey RLM42, Dark Gull Grey, Dark Mediterranean Blue, Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey, Dark Yellow, Deep Sky, Dirt, Engine Grey, Faded PRU Blue, Ferrari Red, Fire Red, Flourescent Red, French Blue, German Green Brown, German Grey, German Red Brown, Glossy Sea Blue, Gold Metallic, Golden Brown, Green, Green Brown, Green RLM62, Green RLM72, Green RLM73, Green Zinc Chromate, Grey, Grey Blue, Grey Blue RLM84, Grey Green RLM74, Grey RLM02, Grey Violet, Grey Violet RLM75, Gun Metal Metallic, Gunship Green, Hemp, Hull Red, IAF Sand, IDF Blue, IDF Green, IDF Sand Grey, IDF Signal Grey, IJA Chrome Yellow, IJA Dark Green, IJA Earth Brown, IJA Grey Green, IJA Khaki Brown, IJA Light Grey Green, IJA Midouri Green, IJA Olive Green, IJN Ash Grey, IJN Black Green, IJN Dark Black Green, IJN Deep Dark Green, IJN Medium Grey, Insignia White, Interior Green, Interior Grey Green, Intermediate Blue, Ivory, Ivory RLM05, JGSD Brown 3606, Khaki Brown, Khaki Green Num. 3, Light Blue, Light Blue RLM65, Light Blue RLM76, Light Blue RLM78, Light Brown, Light Green Chromate, Light Green RLM25, Light Green RLM82, Light Grey, Light Grey RLM63, Light Gull Grey, Light Olive, Light Red, Light Rust, Light Sea Blue, Loam Beige, M495 Light Grey, Mahogany, Medium Grey, Medium Gunship Grey, Medium Olive, Medium Yellow, Middlestone, Mud Brown, N 41 Dark Olive Drab, NATO Black, NATO Brown, NATO Green, Neutral Grey, Ocean Grey, Ochre, Off-White, Olive Green, Olive Green RLM80, Olive Grey, Orange, Orange Rust, Pale Blue, Pale Blue Grey, Pale Green, Panzer Dark Grey, Red, Red RAL3000, Red RLM, Russian Green, Rust, Rust Metallic, Sand, Sand Beige, Sand Brown, Sand Yellow, Sand Yellow RLM79, Sea Grey, Seaplane Grey, Signal Blue, Signal Red Metallic, Silver Metallic, Skin Tone, Sky Blue, Sky Type S, Steel Blue, Steel Metallic, Tan Earth, Tyre Black, UK Azure Blue, UK BSC 64 Portland Stone, UK Light Mud, UK Light Stone, US Dark Green, US Desert Armour 686, US Desert Sand, US Earth Brown, US Earth Red, US Earth Yellow, US Field Drab, US Forest Green, US Interior Yellow, US Light Green, US Loam, US Olive Drab, US Sand, USA Flat Brown, USAAF Light Grey, USAF Brown, USAF Green, USAF Light Blue, USAF Light Grey, USAF Medium Grey, USAF Olive Drab, USN Sea Blue, White, White Grey, Wood, Yellow Brown, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Olive, Yellow RLM04


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