The Army Painter Warpaints – Acrylics

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The Army Painter Warpaint line has 96 acrylic colors to get you up and running in no time! All colors are full-bodied pigment with a nice consistency and cover just as well off the brush as they do through an airbrush using additional flow improver.

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Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in
TAP Color

Abomination Gore, Alien Purple, Angel Green, Arid Earth, Army Green, Ash Grey, Babe Blonde, Banshee Brown, Barbarian Flesh, Basilisk Brown, Brainmatter Beige, Castle Grey, Centaur Skin, Chaotic Red, Combat Fatigue, Commando Green, Corpse Pale, Crusted Sore, Crypt Wraith, Crystal Blue, Cultist Robe, Daemonic Yellow, Dark Sky, Dark Stone, Deep Blue, Desert Yellow, Dirt Spatter, Dragon Red, Drake Tooth, Dungeon Grey, Electric Blue, Elemental Bolt, Elf Green, Elven Flesh, Field Grey, Filthy Cape, Fire Lizard, Fog Grey, Fur Brown, Goblin Green, Gorgon Hide, Green Skin, Griffon Blue, Grimoire Purple, Hardened Carapace, Hemp Rope, Hydra Turquoise, Ice Storm, Jungle Green, Kobold Skin, Kraken Skin, Lava Orange, Leather Brown, Mars Red, Matt Black, Matt White, Monster Brown, Moon Dust, Mouldy Clothes, Mummy Robes, Mutant Hue, Mythical Orange, Necromance Cloak, Necrotic Flesh, Oak Brown, Oozing Purple, Orc Blood, Phoenix Flames, Pixie Pink, Poisonous Cloud, Pure Red, Royal Cloak, Scaly hide, Scar Tissue, Skeleton Bone, Snake Scales, Spaceship Exterior, Stone Golum, Sulphide Ochre, Tanned Flesh, Toxic Boils, Toxic Mist, Troglodyte Blue, Troll Claws, Ultramarine Blue, Uniform Grey, Vampire Red, Venom Wyrm, Viking Blue, Voidshield Blue, Warlock Purple, Wasteland Soil, Werewolf Fur, Witch Brew, Wizards Orb, Wolf Grey


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