SFG Click BOOM! Modular Hobby Rack System

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NOTE! – Click BOOM! Racks will need WOOD GLUE to assemble properly and to get the best quality out of your built racks. We recommend Gorilla brand wood glues :).

The Click BOOM! Modular hobby rack system from SFG Hobbies allows you to organize your painting area and get back to being productive with your painting and building time! All racks are made from Laser-grade MDF and assemble simply with just a little wood glue. Once built, each rack can be clicked together in a multitude of configurations with others and BOOM! you have an organized area. Can be stacked vertically or horizontally for optimal layouts.

The Shelf Units give you a 6″ high shelf and a 4.5″ high shelf to store all your gear and minis so they stop invading your space. Add the shelf inserts for storing other odd-shaped paint bottles and the brush holder for, well… you guessed it – holding your brushes!

The dropper bottle paint rack allows for 64 bottles from the likes of Vallejo, The Army Painter, Reaper, Scale 75 and many others to be put into a small area. These racks will integrate with the shelving units for endless combos of organization goodness!

Go forth and build!

All racks are 11″H x 11″W x 6″D

Shelf Inserts are 10″W x 3.5″D x 1.75″H overall, with each shelf being 1.75″ deep.

Brush Holder is 4″W x 6″D x 5 1/8″H

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x64 Dropper Bottle Rack, Shelf Rack, Paint Jar Shelf Inserts, Brush Holder