Luke Mundy of Blacksheep Industries got a hold of our new Bomb Wick Sables and sent us this review after his initial testing –

“I was recently given a chance to test out (some say abuse) the brand new Bomb Wick Kolinsky Sable miniature brushes from Slow Fuse Gaming. Jason and Jen were kind enough to let me rampage through the brushes on the premise of giving them feedback. So in saying that, this review is unbiased and was not asked for.

A little history: I’m a miniature paint veteran to put it lightly. I have been putting brushes to pewter and plastic for the last 28 years. I have done commission work, I have won some contests and awards, I have even been a published studio painter for a few gaming companies. I enjoy a broad range of techniques and always prided myself of being completely self taught and able to mimic most painting styles.. So having said that, here we go…

The Slow Fuse Gaming brushes (SFG from here on) are a modestly priced brush set. Jason explained he wanted a “mid range” brush. So I won’t be comparing them to the holy Windsor Newton Series 7’s we all know and love, that would be unfair and unrealistic. I will compare the sizes to give a sense of scale and it ends there. A more accurate comparison would be Games Workshop or Games & Gears brushes.

1. Just the tip. SFG brushes win here. They can draw a fine point and keep it during your painting session. Games & Gears brushes split almost instantly and GW can be very hit or miss. With regular care I could see the SFG brushes lasting a much longer than the other two brands could ever hope to.

2. Capacity. The SFG brushes run kind of small. The #3 is closer to a WN7 size 1 brush. And I think there is a reason why. SFG encourages and demonstrates a hybrid painting style, meaning they use an airbrush to lay down as much color as they can and even preliminary highlights before switching to traditional brush techniques. So having said that, there isn’t a need for a large round to slop base colors all over the models. If you like extremely fine detail, the 00 from SFG is going to melt your face. I tend to lean on larger sized brushes as a personal preference, but I’ve been giggling with the lines I can pull from the detail brushes.

3. Comfort. They have fatter handles than most brushes I’ve used in recent years.. Not by a lot, but enough to notice it and experience less fatigue from gripping the brush for extended periods of time. A feature normally reserved for higher end brushes, but have found their place on these mid range heavyweights.

4. Price. At around $30 for a 5 brush set, you’d expect them to barely rank above garbage. But they are extremely solid for the price. That’s $5 more than a SINGLE WN7 #2 (which I buy 2 at a time). It nets you a good stable of different sized brushes that you don’t have to be shy about dragging over all the edges of a army worth of models. I’m sometimes hesitant to employ certain techniques with nicer brushes across a swathe of minis because I know the brush will suffer for it. That is not a necessary concern for the SFG brushes, I would of course take care of them if possible but I wouldn’t “pull my punches” with them either.

TLDR, buy them and use them. If you need a brush to basecoat an entire army of models, use an airbrush. If you need a quality set that makes a great addition to your airbrush that you don’t have to shy away from abusing then absolutely buy these.”