About Us

Slowfusegaming is made up of Jen, Jason and a wonderful community of viewers we are glad to call friends! We are heavily involved in the world of miniature wargaming with our own live stream on Twitch featuring tutorials, gaming and general info about our hobby. Jason has been painting for over 30 years and brings a ton of experience to the table, while Jen keeps everything in line and running smoothly and is also becoming a darn good painter in her own right!

We broadcast weekly up to 5 times and strive to bring the best in content and entertainment every time we're on. You can check out the stream HERE.  The channel is part of the Long War Network on Twitch, where you can also find other great channels pertaining to minis, like Next_Level_Painting with Kenny Boucher and SpikeyBitsTV with Rob Baer. Swing in and give everyone a look and tell 'em we sent you!

When we aren't streaming, we're running the webstore and attempting to work on our house as much as we can! This is a full-time gig for us and we wouldn't have it any other way. We continue to make the best friends in the world in this great hobby and are only getting started!